Claudius Aelianus: Varia Historia. Ed. James G. DeVoto.

Composed during the reigns of the Severan emperors, Aelianus offers us a collection of anecdotes about famous Greeks and Romans with information unavailable elsewhere. ISBN 0-89005-548-3. Pb. $20.00

Festus Rufus Avienus, Ora Maritima. Ed. J. P. Murphy, S.J.

For the first time an English translation of the Ora Maritima of Avienus, along with the original Latin text, commentary, and two indices. ISBN 0-89005-175-5. xii + 180pp Pb. $15.00

Epigrammata: Greek Inscriptions in Verse. Ed. P. Friedländer.

A collection of Greek epigrams from the earliest times until the Persian Wars. Each entry (178) is accompanied by a discussion of the importance of the text. A great tool for teaching elementary Greek. ISBN 0-89005-476-2. viii + 198pp Pb. $15.00

Hanno the Carthaginian's Periplus. 3rd ed. Edd. Al. N. Oikonomides and M. C. J. Miller.

A useful reference edition of the rare account of an ancient Carthaginian naval expedition to re-establish colonies on the West African coast led by Hanno. A new translation of the Greek text with commentary and translation by W. H. Schoff. Also includes as an appendix the long out-of-print edition of C. Müller (Geographi Graeci Minores) and R. Harris' The Voyage of Hanno. (Cambridge, 1928). ISBN 0-89005-180-1. viii + 144pp Pb. $15.00

Isidore of Charax, Parthian Stations: An Account of the Overland Route between the Levant and India in the First Century BC. Ed. by W. H. Schoff.

The Parthian Stations, fragmentary as it is, is one of the few records of the overland trade route during the period of struggle between Parthia and Rome. The book gives the itinerary of the caravan trail from Antioch-on-the-Orontes to the borders of India with mention of the resting places (caravanserais) maintained by the Parthian kingdom for the convenience of merchants.

This rare edition of W. H. Schoff, absent from the shelves of most libraries, provides a Greek text, English translation and commentary and is followed by all other known fragments. from the lost works of Isidorus (text and translation). To this material is appended Barclay V. Head's study of the coinage of Parthia. Together the works provide an important source for students of ancient economic history and the histories of Parthia, India, and the Levant. ISBN 0-89005-058-9. 60pp Pb. $12.50

Jordanes: The Gothic History. Ed. Philip J. Smith.

Latin text with facing English translation. ISBN 0-89005-581-5. ca. 300pp. $25.00

Justin Books VII-XII. Excerpts from the Macedonian History. Ed. M. C. J. Miller.

Books VII to XII (Latin text with facing English translation) of the history of Macedonia from its mythological origin through the reigns of Philip II and his son Alexander the Great have been reproduced. The translation of J. S. Watson (1886) has been used. A copious bibliography of works concerned with Justin and the period in particular have been added. ISBN 0-89005-410-X. 132pp Hb. $20.00

Marinus of Neapolis: The Neoplatonic Philosopher. The Extant Works: Life of Proclus, Commentary on the Dedomena of Euclid, Epigrams. Edd. by J. F. Boissonade, H. Menge.

For centuries works on Marinus have been studied separately because no edition included them all in one volume. ARES issues the first edition of Marinus ever printed. The Life of Proclus appears in this edition with the Greek text as edited by J. F. Boissonade and the English translation of Thomas Taylor. The Commentary on the Dedomena of Euclid appears in both the Greek text as edited by H. Menge and the French translation with commentary by M. Michaux. ISBN 0-89005-218-2. xvi + 107pp Hb. $20.00

Nicolaus of Damascus: Life of Augustus, trans. by CM Hall; ed. by MCJ Miller

ISBN 0-8990-605-6978, Pb $25.00

Collectanea Alexandrina. J. U. Powell.

Powell has collected in one volume the fragments of the Greek poets from Hellenistic Alexandria. ISBN 0-89005-373-1. 263pp Hb. $25.00

The History of Alexander the Great. Translation of the Extant Historians bound with the Ephemerides of Alexander's Expedition. C. A. Robinson.

This is a translation of the extant historical fragments regarding the reign of Alexander the Great. The original Greek and Latin fragments were collected first by K. Müller and the F. Jacoby. Robinson work is still the only thorough translation (into English) of these sources. The Ephemerides (Royal Journal) is a chronological account of Alexander's itinerary based upon the sources material. With comments by Robinson. An ideal book for the study of Alexander's exploits. ISBN 0-89005-555-6. xviii +276 pp. and 85pp. Hb. $30.00

Pytheas of Massilia: On the Ocean. (Text, Translation and Commentary). Christina H. Roseman.

Roseman has collected the sometimes controversial fragments of Pytheas of Massilia relating to Greek exploration of the North Sea. Did Pytheas actually visit the area, or did he concoct a fabulous tale based upon sailors' stories?

Roseman translates the known fragments and offers a full commentary which is accompanied by copious notes, bibliography and maps. This work will become the standard reference text on Pytheas. ISBN 0-89005-545-9. 200pp + maps Pb. $15.00

Stephanos Byzantinos: Ethnikon. Ed. August Meineke

This is the unchanged 1849 Berlin edition of Stephanos' (a geographical lexicon on ancient cities, peoples, tribes and toponyms).

Scholars of Greek, Roman or Byzantine history will find this volume a welcome addition to their personal library. Stephanos' work notes many ancient sites. The notations provide historical as well as geographical information which Stephanos was able to glean from now long lost accounts. ISBN 0-89005-411-8. 818pp Pb. $40.00

Theophrastus: Metaphysics. Edd. by W. D. Ross and F. H. Forbes.

Greek text with facing English translation, Commentary and Introduction. ISBN 0-89005-254-9. xxxii + 87pp Hb. $20.00

Royal Correspondence in the Hellenistic Period. H. B. Welles.

In the fragmentary history of the Hellenistic world, one of our major sources lies in the royal correspondence of the period. Thanks to the custom of the ancient cities of inscribing important letters from Hellenistic kings and rulers on stone for public display, many authentic letters containing historical information survived.

H. B. Welles collected all those texts, classified them and provided for each of them a long commentary, notes and bibliography. ISBN 0-89005-019-8. 510pp. Hb. $50.00

The Historian Ephorus. G. L. Barber.

Barber's book remains the best study on the Greek historian which has yet appeared. The addition of fragments absent from the original completes the work. ISBN 0-89005-501-7. xii + 259pp Hb. $25.00

Onesicritus: A Study in Hellenistic Historiography. T. S. Brown

While none of the writers who accompanied Alexander survives complete, Onesicritus is perhaps the most tantalizing of them all. He describes the voyage back from India to Babylon; in this he had played a part, second only to that of Nearchus.

T. S. Brown's effort to reconstruct the work from the few existing fragments and to examine its influence on the later historians is a classic of Hellenistic historiography. ISBN 0-89005-384-7. x + 196 pp. Hb. $20.00

Textes d'Auteurs Grecs et Latins Relatifs a l'Extreme-Orient. (Testimonia of Greek and Latin Writers on the Lands and Peoples of the Far East 4th c. B.C. to 14th c. A.D.). George Coedes.

From 1910 to 1979, the work of George was considered by many scholars either as a book that was never really published or as a bibliographical paradox. The few who had the opportunity to see a copy had seen it in one of the few University Libraries. The few copies of the original edition were sold mostly in Asia to the subscribers of the "Documents Historiques et Geographiques Relatifs a l'Indochine", established by Henri Cordier and Louis Finot, which issued this work as volume I of the series. ISBN 0-89005-289-1. xxxii + 184pp Hb. $30.00


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