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A Word from the Publisher....

We hope that you have noticed that among the many publishers who send you their catalogues, there is only one __ ARES __ that specializes in books on the ANCIENT WORLD.

At a time when respected scholarly institutions and publishers are reluctant to invest their time and money in new books in the area of Classical Studies, ARES enthusiastically undertakes new projects, like the publication of the INSCRIPTIONES GRAECAE, the SUPPLEMENTUM INSCRIPTIONUM ATTICARUM, the revival of time-tested reference works and new manuscripts. All of our books are designed to help not only the researcher but also those who teach courses. Our goal is to provide students with inexpensive, scholarly textbooks.

We KEEP OUR PRICES AS LOW AS POSSIBLE because we have succeeded in keeping our production costs at a minimum. Our reprints are produced at the highest quality level __ you will not receive a barely legible photocopy of the original. Simply compare the price of some of our beautifully bound sets of inscriptions with that of other publishers. We know our prices are the lowest for comparable books.

We hope you feel that you need ARES as much as we know we need you. If you would like to see projects extended into other areas of the ancient world, please drop us a line. Let us know if there works which you feel are badly needed in your field. Also, suggest any deserving, but unpublished, manuscripts that you think need to be considered for publication. Recommend to your COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL, or PUBLIC LIBRARY the titles of books from this catalogue that you think are needed not only for the 'Circulation Section' but also for the REFERENCE ROOM. Make sure your suggestions reach the Acquisitions Department. Lastly, use those ARES titles which are appropriate for your courses.

Our Publisher's Prefix is 9780-89005.

Our current catalogue includes nearly 300 titles. We regret that it is impossible to include descriptions of the contents for all of them.

To reconstruct the complete ISBN number, add the prefix 978-0-89005 in front of the number listed (e.g., 375-8 = 9780-89005-375-8).

Abbreviations: OOS = momentarily out-of-stock. OOP = out-of-print. Back orders will be gladly accepted and we will bill and ship as soon as fresh stock becomes available. NYP (6/15/12) = book is in the process of being printed and should be available by the date indicated. PNS = price not set.

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