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(Ed. J. G. DeVoto. )

Taktika: A Manual for Ancient Warfare and War Against the Alans.
  [517-3] $15.00

Avienus, Rufus Festus (Ed. J. P. Murphy.)

Ora Maritima.
  [175-5] $15.00
Barber, G. L.
The Historian Ephorus.
  [501-7] $25.00
Bees, N. A.
Chronicon Monembasiae.
  [279-4] $12.50
Bees, N. A.
Corpus der Griechisch Christlichen Inschriften von Hellas.
  [238-7] $30.00
Bell, H. I.
Cults and Creeds in Graeco-Roman Egypt.
  [008-8] $12.50
Bell, H. I.
Egypt from Alexander the Great to the Arab Conquest.
  [354-4] $15.00
Bevan, E.
House of Ptolemy. Egypt under the Ptolemaic Dynasty.
  [536-X] $30.00
Bevan, E.
House of Selecus, 2 vols in one.
  [537-8] $35.00
Bevan, E.
Stoics and Sceptics.
  [364-2] $15.00
Blinkenberg, C.
Timachidas: Chronicum Lindium.
  [353-7] $10.00
Bolchazy, L.
Hospitality in Antiquity (formerly Hospitality in Early Rome).
  [212-3] $20.00
Boylan, P.
Thoth: The Hermes of Egypt.
  [280-8] $20.00
Brady, T. A.
Sarapis and Isis: Collected Essays.
  [253-0] $25.00
Breccia, E.
Inscriptiones Graecae Aegypti (Alexandria), Vol. II.
  [242-5] $30.00
Brodrick, M. & A. A. Morton.
Concise Dictionary of Egyptian Archaeology: A Handbook for Students and Travelers.
  [303-0] $15.00
Brown, T. S.
Onesicritus: A Study in Hellenistic Historiography.
  [384-7] $20.00
Bryan, C. P.
Ancient Egyptian Medicine: The Papyrus Ebers.
  [004-X] $25.00
Budge, E. A.
W.-Egyptian Language: Easy Lessons in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.
  [095-3] OOS
Budge, E. A. W.
Herb Doctors and Physicians in the Ancient World. The Divine Origin of the Craft of the Herbalist.
  [252-2] $10.00
Budge, E. A. W.
The Rosetta Stone.
  [331-6] $7.50
Bury, J. B. & C. Cobham.
Supplement to the History of the Later Roman Empire (976-1057 AD), bound with C. Cobham, The Patriarchs of Constantinople.
  [028-7] $20.00
Cagnat, R. et al.
Inscriptiones Graecae ad Res Romanas Pertinentes, 4 vols in 3.
  [072-4] $150.00
Cerny, J.
Paper and Books in Ancient Egypt.
  [267-0] $5.00
Charlesworth, M. P.
Trade Routes and Commerce of the Roman Empire.
  [063-5] $25.00
Chase, G. H.
Shield Devices of the Greeks.
  [260-3] $12.50
Cheesman, G. L.
The Auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army.
  [096-1] $15.00
Claudius Aelianus, translated by J. G. DeVoto
Varia Historia, .
  [548-3] $20.00
Coedes, G.
Textes d'Auteurs Grecs et Latines Relatifs a l'Extreme Orient.
  [289-1] $30.00
Cooke, H. P.
  [287-5] $15.00
Cornford, F. M.
Microcosmographia Academica.
  [318-9] $6.00
Cosmopoulos, M.
Experiencing War.
  [606-4] $25.00
Costas, P. S.
Outline History of the Greek Language.
  [259-X] $20.00
Cramer, F. H.
Astrology in Roman Law and Politics.
  [560-2] $35.00
Curtis, J. W.
The Pharaonic Coinage of Egypt.
  [283-2] $5.00
Davis, W. H.
Greek Papyri of the First Century AD.
  [332-4] $10.00
De Buck, A.
Egyptian Reading Book I. Exercises and Middle Egyptian Texts.
  [213-1] $25.00
DePrott, I. & L. Ziehen
Leges Graecorum Sacrae. The Sacred Laws of the Greek City-States from the Inscriptions
(1896-1906). [478-9] $35.00
Dessau, H.
Inscriptiones Latinae Selectae, 5 vols.
  [274-3] $140.00
DeVoto, J. G.
Archaeological Itineraries: Greek Sites in Sicily and Southern Italy.
DUE 02/16 [613-7] $30.00
DeVoto, J. G.
Late Roman Historians Dexippos and Eunapios: A Translation with Historical Commentary.
DUE 02/15 [615-3] $20.00
Dinneen, I.
Titles of Addresses in Christian Greek Epistolography.
  [376-6] $15.00
Dittenberger, W.
Inscriptiones Graecae, Inscriptiones Megaridis , Boeotiae, et Oropiae (IG VII) with a new concordance by John M. Fossey.
  [525-4] $100.00
Dittenberger, W.
Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum, 4 vols.
  [580-7] $200.00
Dittenberger, W.
Orientis Graeci Inscriptiones Selectae, 2 vols.
  [587-4] $100.00
Dodds, E. R.
Select Passages Illustrating Neoplatonism.
  [302-2] $15.00
Dornseiff, F. & B. Hansen.
Reverse Lexicon of Greek Proper Names.
  [241-4] $35.00
Drachmann, A. B.
Atheism in Pagan Antiquity.
  [201-8] $15.00
Dudley, D. R.
History of Cynicism.
  [365-0] $20.00
Dunbabin, T. J.
The Greeks and Their Eastern Neighbours.
  [317-0] $15.00
Dunbabin, T. J.
The Western Greeks.
  [300-6] $40.00
Durrbach, F.
Choix d'inscriptiones de Delos.
  [190-0] $30.00
Edelstein, L.
The Hippocratic Oath.
  [272-7] $15.00
Elgood, P. G.
Later Dynasties of Egypt, XXth to XXXIst.
  [005-8] $20.00
Exler, F. J.
The Form of the Ancient Greek Letter of the Epistolary Papyri.
  [120-8] $15.00
Farnell, L.R.
The Cults of the Greek States. 5 vols.
  [024-4] $115.00
Farnell, L. R.
Greek Hero Cults.
  [547-5] $35.00
Ferguson, W. S.
Hellenistic Athens.
  [021-X] $30.00

Festus Rufus Avienus; Ed. J. P. Murphy, S.J.

Ora Maritima. xii + 180pp
  [175-5] Pb. $15.00
Florance, A.
A Geographical Lexicon of Greek Coin Inscriptions.
  [232-8] $12.50
Fossey, John M.
Prosopograpghiae Graecae Minores, Vol I: Ithaka
  [564-5] $25.00
Fossey, John M.
Prosopograpghiae Graecae Minores, Vol II: Anthedon
  [604-8978] $25.00
Fossey, John M.
The Study of Ancient Greek Prosopography.
  [449-5] $12.50
Fossey, John M.
Topography and Population of Ancient Boiotia. 2 vols. in one.
  [482-7] $50.00

Forrer, L. (& G. Macurdy)

Potraits of Royal Greek Ladies on Coins (bound with G. Macurdy, Vassal Queens).
  [543-2] $25.00
Friedlander, P.
Epigrammata. Greek Inscriptions in Verse, From the Beginnings to the Persian Wars.
  [476-2] $15.00
Frost, Frank J.
Plutarch's Themistocles: An Historical Commentary.
  [556-4] $30.00
Fyfe, Th.
Hellenistic Architecture. An Introductory Study.
  [026-0] $20.00
Gardiner, A. H.
Catalogue of the Egyptian Hieroglyphic and Printing Type.
  [098-8] $12.50
Gardner, E. A.
Naukratis, Vol. II, (IGA VI,2).
  [509-2] $35.00
Graham, A. J.
Colony and Mother City in Ancient Greece, 2nd ed.
  [520-3] $15.00
Gregoire, H.
Recueil des Inscriptiones Grecques Chretiennes d'Asie Minure.
  [291-3] $20.00
Griffith, G. T.
Mercenaries of the Hellenistic World.
  [085-6] $25.00
Hanno the Carthaginian, Periplus (of Africa).
  [180-1] $15.00
Harrison, E. J.
Primitive Athens as Described by Thucydides.
  [104-6] $15.00
Heitland, E.W.
A Short History of the Roman Republic, w/8 appendices and new bibliography.
  [577-7] $40.00
Hill, G. F.
Historical Greek Coins.
  [064-3] $25.00
Hiller von Gaertringen.
Inscriptiones Graecae (IG I, iv): Inscriptiones Epidauri.
  [207-7] $30.00
Hirth, F.
China and the Roman Orient.
  [093-7] $25.00
Holladay, A. J.
Athens in the Fifth Century B.C., A. Podlecki, ed.
  [526-2] $25.00
Hurry, J. B.
Imhotep: The Egyptian God of Medicine.
  [239-5] $15.00
Hyde, G.
De Olympicarum Statuis a Pausania Commemoratis.
  [341-3] $15.00
Isidore of Charax; W. Schoff (ed).
Parthian Stations,
  [058-9] $12.50
Jacoby, F.
Chronicum Parium.
  [362-6] $20.00
Jahn, O. & A. Michaelis.
The Acropolis of Athens as Described by Pausanias (and other writers).
  [078-3] $35.00
Jones, W. H. S.
Philosophy and Medicine in Ancient Greece.
  [286-7] $15.00
Jordanes (Trans. by C. C. Mierow. Ed. Philip J. Smith.)
The Gothic History of Jordanes.
  [581-5] $20.00
Jouguet, P.
Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World, 2 vols in one.
  [256-5] $25.00
Judeich, W.
Topographie von Athen.
  [511-4] $50.00
Judson, H. P.
Caesar's Army, 2nd ed.
  [539-4] $20.00
Excerpta de Historia Macedonia, (Books 7-12).
  [410-X] $20.00
Kaibel, G. & A. Lebeque.
Inscriptiones Graecae: Galliae, Hispaniae, Britanniae et Germaniae (IG XIV, Suppl.)
  [219-0] $30.00
Kanatzoulis, D.
Prosopographia Macedonica.
  [316-2] $35.00
Kapsomenakis, S. G.
Grammatik der Papyri der Nachchristlichen Zeit.
  [295-8] $20.00
Kenyon, F. G.
Books and Readers in Ancient Greece and Rome.
  [340-5] $15.00
Kenyon, F. G.
The Paleography of Greek Papyri.
  [083-6] $25.00
Kincaid, C. A.
Successors of Alexander the Great.
  [352-9] $15.00
Kirchner, J. & F. Hiller von Gaertringen.
Inscriptiones Graecae: Inscriptiones Atticae (IG I2-II2/III2 editio minor), 5 vols.
  [013-9] $200.00
Kirchner, J.
-Prosopographia Attica,. 2 vols.
  [387-1] $140.00
Klee, T.
Zur Geschichte der Gymnischen Agone an Griechischen Festen.
  [336-7] $20.00
Knab, R.
Die Periodoniken.
  [330-8] $15.00
Kretschmer, P.
Griechischen Vaseninschriften.
  [347-2] $25.00
Leake, C. D.
The Old Egyptian Medical Papyri: The Hearst Papyrus,
  [271-9] $15.00
Leake, William D.
Travels in the Morea and Peloponnesiaca, 4 vols.,
  [549-1]; [591-2]; [592-0]; [593-9] $160.00
LeFebvre, G.
Inscriptiones Graecae Aegypti, Vol. V (Christian Inscriptions from Egypt).
  [248-4] $30.00
Lepper, F. A.
Trajan's Parthian War and Arrian's Parthica.
  [530-0] $30.00
Loewe, B.
Ancient Greek Theophoric Toponyms.
  [333-2] $15.00
Macurdy, G. H.
Hellenistic Queens.
  [542-4] $20.00
Macurdy, G. H.
Vassal Queens (bound with L. Forrer, Portraits of Royal Greek Ladies on Coins.
  [543-2] $25.00
Mallet, M. D.
Les Rapports des Grecs avec l'Egypte.
  [299-9] $30.00
Marinus of Neapolis
Life of Proclus and Commentary on the Dedomena of Euclid.
  [218-2] $20.00
Marucchi, O.
Christian Epigraphy.
  [495-9] $30.00
Mead, G. R. S.
Apollonius of Tyana.
  [350-2] $15.00
Mead, G. R. S.
Simon Magus.
  [258-1] $10.00
Mercer, S. A. B.
Egyptian Hieroglyphic Grammar.
  [203-4] $15.00
Meyer, P. M.
Juristische Papyri.
  [088-7] $50.00
Michel, Ch.
Receuil d'Inscriptiones Grecques. Suppl. Inscriptiones Atticae (1912-27). (also listed as SIA VIII).
  [110-0] $35.00
Milchhoefer, A.
Ancient Athens, Piraeus and Phaleron: Literary and Epigraphical Testimonia.
  [215-8] $20.00
Miller, M. C. J.
Abbreviations in Latin.
  [568-8] $30.00
Miller, M. C. J.
The Origins of the Professional Roman Soldier.
DUE 12/15 [585-X] PNS
Milne, J. G.
Egypt under Roman Rule.
  [510-6] $35.00
Milne, J. G.
Inscriptiones Graecae Aegypti, Vol. I (Cairo).
  [111-9] $30.00
Milne, J. G.
Surgical Instruments in Greek and Roman Times.
  [177-1] $30.00
Moeller, W.
Mithras Moriens.
  [604-1] $25.00
Mommsen, A.
Athenae Christianae.
  [216-8] $25.00
Mommsen, Th.
The Provinces of the Roman Empire, 2 vols.
  [491-6] $55.00
Morin, J.
Khostia II.
  [600-5] $50.00
Moeller, W.
Mithras Moriens.
  [604-1] $25.00
Müller, L. et al.
The Coins of Alexander the Great.
  [382-0] $25.00
Newberry, P. E.
Ancient Egyptian Scarabs.
  [092-9] $25.00
Newell, E.T.
The Reattribution of of Certain Tetradachms of Alexander the Great.
  [601-3] $20.00
Nock, A. D.
Sallustius: Concerning the Gods and the Universe.
  [550-5] $15.00
O'Leary, D. L.
How Greek Science Passed to the Arabs.
  [282-4] $20.00
Odahl, Ch.
Early Christian Latin Literature.
  [515-7] $25.00
Oikonomides, Al. N.
Abbreviations in Greek (Inscriptions, Papyri, Mss, Printed Books).
  [049-X] $25.00
Edd. Al. N. Oikonomides and M. C. J. Miller.
Hanno the Carthaginian's Periplus. 3rd ed.
viii + 144pp
  [180-1] Pb. $15.00
Oliver, J. H.
The Athenian Expounders of the Sacred and Ancestral Law.
DUE 12/15 [585-8] $20.00
Parke, H. W.
Greek Mercenary Soldiers.
  [386-3] $20.00
Parke, H.W. and D.E.W. Wormell

The Delphic Oracle, 2 vols. in one
  [394-7] $45.00
Parker, H. M. D.
The Roman Legions.
  [356-1] $20.00
Pearson, L.
The Lost Historties of Alexander the Great.
  [590-4] $25.00
Pedrizet, P. & G. LeFebvre.
Inscriptiones Graecae Aegypti, Vol. III (Abydos).
  [243-3] $30.00
Peek, W.
Greek Verse Inscriptions: Epigrams on Funerary Stelae and Monuments.
  [479-7] $50.00
Pendlebury, J. D. S.
A Handbook to the Palace of Minos at Knossos.
  [312-X] $10.00
Petrie, W. M. F.
Historical Scarabs.
  [122-4] $10.00
Petrie, W. M. F.
Naukratis I, (IGA VI, 1).
  [508-4] $35.00
Petrie, W. M. F.
Ten Years' Digging in Egypt.
  [107-0] $20.00
Philon and Hieron (Ed. J. G. DeVoto)
Artillery and Siegecraft in Antiquity.
  [561-0] $15.00
Pliny the Elder
Pliny the Elder's, Chapters on the History of Art, 2nd
  [055-4] $35.00
Podlecki, A. J.
The Life of Themistocles.
  [569-6] $30.00
Pohlsander, H.
Helena: Empress and Saint.
  [562-9] $40.00

Polyaenus (Krentz and Wheeler, edd.)

Strategems of War. 2 vols., text and translation.
  [503-3; 504-1] $50.00
M. C. J. Miller & J. G. DeVoto. (edd.)
Polybius and Ps.-Hyginus.-The Fortifications of the Roman Camp.
  [518-1] $15.00
Poralla, P.
Prosopographia Lacaedaemoniorum, 2nd ed.
  [521-1] $15.00
Powell, B.
Athenian Mythology: Erechthonius and the Three Daughters of Cecrops.
  [121-6] $15.00
Powell, J. U.
Collectanea Alexandrina.
  [373-1] $25.00
Preger, Th.
Inscriptiones Graecae Metricae: Ex Scriptoribus Praeter Anthologium Collectae.
  [214-X] $30.00
Prince, J. D. & E. A. W. Budge.
Assyrian Primer and Assyrian Texts.
  [226-3] $15.00
Raubitschek, A.E.
Dedications from the Athenian Acropolis. (SIA VII)
  [553-5] $65.00
Raven, J. E.
Pythagoreans and Eleatics.
  [367-7] $20.00
Reed, Nancy
The Military Nature of Greek Athletic Contests.
  [572-6] $15.00
Reynolds, P. K. Baille.
The Vigiles of Imperial Rome.
  [552-1] $15.00
Ridgway, B.
The Archaic Style in Greek Sculpture, New and Revised 2nd. ed.
  [516-5] $55.00
Roberts, E. S. & E. A. Gardner.
An Introduction to Greek Epigraphy, 2 vols.
  [553-X], [554-8] $80.00
Robinson, C. A.
Alexander the Great: Translation of the Extant Historians (bound with The Ephemerides of Alexander's Expedition).
  [555-6] $30.00
Robinson, R.
Sources for the History of Greek Athletics.
  [297-2] $20.00
Roebuck, C.
Economy and Society in the Early Greek World.
  [261-1] $25.00
Roebuck, C.
Ionian Trade and Colonization.
  [528-9] $25.00
Roehl, H.
Inscriptiones Graecae Antiquissimae.
  [221-1] $30.00
Rohde, E.
Psyche: The Cult of Souls and Belief in Immortality among the Ancient Greeks.
  [477-0] $40.00
Roller, D.
Messapia: An Archaeological Survay.
  [471-1] $25.00
Roller, D.
Scholarly Kings: The Writings of Juba II of Mauretania and Others.
  [598-0978] $25.00
Roseman, C. H.
Pytheas of Massilia, On the Ocean.
  [545-9] $15.00
Rouse, W. H. D.
Greek Votive Offerings.
  [558-0] $45.00
Rowe, Alan
Catalogue of Egyptian Scarabs
  [575-0] $40.00
Saddington, D.
The Development of the Roman Auxilary Forces from Caesar to Vespasian (49 B.C. - A.D. 79), Revised Edition.
DUE 12/15 [614-5] $35.00
Sandys, J. E.
Latin Epigraphy.
  [062-7] $25.00
Sarikakis, T. C.
The Hoplite General in Athens.
  [102-X] $25.00
Schmitt, F.
Boys will be Boys - A Memoir of Boys Town.

Hb. $25.00

Pb. $20.00

Schwenk, C. J.
Athens in the Age of Alexander.
  [437-1] $35.00
Sittig, E.
Ancient Theophoric Proper Names.
  [369-3] $20.00
Solmsen, F. & E. Fraenkel.
Inscriptiones Graecae: Ad Inlustrandas Dialectos Selectae.
  [370-7] $15.00
Spekke, A. S.
Ancient Amber Routes and the Discovery of the Eastern Baltic.
  [178-X] $20.00
Spiegelberg, W.
Inscriptiones Graecae Aegypti, Vol. IV (Mummy Labels).
  [244-1] $30.00
Starr, C. G.
The Roman Imperial Navy 31 BC-AD 324. 3rd ed.
  [544-0] $30.00
Stein, A.
On Alexander's Track to the Indus.
  [036-8] $25.00
Stephanos Byzantinos
  [411-8] $40.00
Sturtevant, E. H.
The Pronunciation of Greek and Latin.
  [087-2] $15.00
Sundwall, J.
Supplement to J. Kirchner's Prosopographia Attica.
  [383-9] $25.00
Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum. vols. I-XXV + index to vols. XI-XX, 8 vols.
  [428-2] $900.00
Oikonomides (ed)
Supplementum Inscriptionum Atticarum, Vol. I.
  [126-7] $45.00
Oikonomides (ed)
Supplementum Inscriptionum Atticarum, Vol. II.
  [249-2] $45.00
Oikonomides (ed)
Supplementum Inscriptionum Atticarum, Vol. III.
  [275-1] $45.00
Oikonomides (ed)
Supplementum Inscriptionum Atticarum, Vol. IV
  [377-4] $45.00
Oikonomides (ed)
Supplementum Inscriptionum Atticarum, Vol. V
  [531-9] $45.00
Miller (ed)
Supplementum Inscriptionum Atticarum, Vol. VI
  [532-7] $35.00
Miller (ed)
Supplementum Inscriptionum Atticarum, Vol. VII
  [533-5] $65.00
Miller (ed)
Supplementum Inscriptionum Atticarum, Vol. VIII
  [110-0] $35.00
Svoronos, J.
Christodoulos the Counterfieter.
  [040-6] $10.00
Svoronos, J.
Corpus of the Ancient Coins of Athens.
  [010-4] $85.00
Szemler, George
Prison Years- In the House of the Living Dead.
  [547-5] $20.00
Szemler, George J.
et al-Thermopylai. Myth & Reality in 480 BC.
  [567-X] $25.00
Tarn, W. W.
Alexander the Great, 2 vols in 1.
  [388-X] $40.00
Tarn, W. W.
The Greeks in Bactria and India, 3rd ed by F. L. Holt.
  [524-6] $40.00
Tarn, W. W.
Hellenistic Military and Naval Developments.
  [086-4] $15.00
Taylor, L. R.
The Cults of Ostia.
  [114-3] $15.00
Taylor, T.
The Arguments of the Emperor Julian Against the Christians and Upon the Sovereign Sun.
  [301-4] $15.00
Metaphysics: Translation, Commentary and Introduction.-
  [254-9] $20.00
Thompson, E. A.
A Roman Reformer and Inventor.
  [559-9] $15.00
Thompson, E. M.
A Handbook of Greek and Latin Paleography.
  [094-5] $20.00
Tod, M. N.
Ancient Greek Numerical Systems.
  [290-5] $20.00
Tod, M. N.
Epigraphical Notes on Greek Coinage.
  [319-7] $10.00
Tod, M. N.
Greek Historical Inscriptions (6th c. BC-323 BC), 2 vols. in 1.
  [541-6] $35.00
Tucker, T. G.
Etymological Dictionary of Latin.
  [172-0] $25.00
Urch, E. J.
Evolution of the Inquisitorial Procedure in Roman Law.
  [325-1] $6.00
Vickery, K. F.
Food in Early Greece.
  [339-1] $15.00
Walton, A.
Asklepios: The Cult of the Greek God of Medicine.
  [227-8] $15.00
Weill, R.
Phoenicia and Western Asia to the Macedonian Conquest.
  [348-0] $20.00
Welles, C. B.
Royal Correspondence in the Hellenistic Period.
  [019-8] $50.00
Westlake, H. D.
Thessaly in the Fourth Century BC.
  [527-0] $20.00
Wharton, E. R.
Etymological Lexicon of Classical Greek.
  [033-3] $15.00
Greek Historical Writing and Apollo. Ed. G. Murray.
  [320-0] $6.00
Wilkins, A. S.
Ancient Phoenicia and Ancient Israel.
  [361-8] $25.00
Wilkins, E. G.
Know Thyself in Greek and Latin Literature.
  [366-9] $10.00
Woolhouse, W. S. B.
Historical Measures, Weights, Calendars and Moneys.
  [281-6] $20.00
Wroth, W.
Imperial Byzantine Coins.
  [565-3] OOS
Young, D. C.
The Olympic Myth of Greek Amateur Athletics.
  [523-8] $15.00
Zielinski, Th.
The Religion of Ancient Greece.
  [090-2] $20.00


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