Prosopographiae Graecae Minores. A prosopographical corpus of the minor Greek states.

Ed. John M. Fossey.

To end the frustration of the scholars who need one or all of the "Minor Prosopographies" (e.g. Sicyon, Sinope, Demetrias, Patras, and the like) for their research projects, Prof. John M. Fossey has collected them into two volumes.

Vol. I Ithaka, ISBN 0-89005-564-5, PG. $25.00
Vol. II Anthedon, ISBN 0-89005-604-8978, PG. $25.00

Prosopographia Macedonia: From 148 BC until the time of Constantine the Great.

D. Kanatzoulis.

Macedonian Prosopography is a field still wide open to research. No prosopographical reference work exists for the period before Alexander the Great, but for the reign of Alexander, an important prosopography is the one compiled by H. Berve, Das Alexanderreich auf prosopographischer Grundläge, 2 vols. (Munich, 1926). For the period from the death of Alexander to the Roman conquest, nothing has been published to date, but "Macedonia under the Romans" is well covered by the work of Prof. Kanatzoulis. The prosopography starts from the year (148 B.C.) when Macedonia became a Roman province and goes as far as the reigns of Diocletian and Constantine I. It includes the names of the magistrates of the Macedonian cities, those of the united Macedonian provinces, artists, and professionals as well as the names of the Romans who served in Macedonia as military, administrative and financial functionaries.

ISBN 0-89005-316-2. 190 + 39 pp. Hb. $30.00

Prosopographia Attica.

Ed. J. Kirchner.

Among the most famous, irreplaceable reference works for the ancient historian, classical scholar and archeologist J. Kirchner's Prosopographia Attica will always retain a most honorary position.

While more recent self-proclaimed prosopographies are little more than name-lists, there is still no other biographical dictionary of Athenian men and women which cites all existing literary and epigraphical texts from the 6th c. BC to the 5th AD with such clarity and precision. No matter what citizen you wish to look up -- from Themistocles son of Neokles from Phreata, the famous general and politician of the fifth century B.C., to Archippos "the hunchback", mentioned only once in the sources -- the references are clearly cited in Kirchner's entry, in alphabetical order. (1910)

ISBN 0-89005-387-1. 2 vols. 1340 pp. (1901-03). Hb. $140.00

Supplement to J. Kirchner's Prosopographia Attica.

Ed. J. Sundwall.

Sundwall added a number of names not originally listed by Kirchner.

ISBN 0-89005-383-9 177pp Pb. $25.00

A Prosopography of Lacedaemonians: From the Earliest Times to the Death of Alexander the Great.

Alfred S. Bradford

(Prosopographie der Lakedaimonier bis auf die Zeit Alexanders des Grossen). 2nd ed. with an Introduction, Addenda and Corrigenda by Alfred S. Bradford.

In the circle of historical studies that have grown around Athens and Sparta, the student of Athenian history had since the beginning of our century more references available than the student of Spartan history. J. Kirchner's Prosopographia Attica (Berlin, 1901-1903) and its Supplement by J. Sundwall (Helsinki 1910) provided a solid lexicographic reference to every single Athenian whose name had been preserved by a literary text or an inscription.

It was not until 1913 that the student of Spartan history obtained the first installment of a Prosopographia Spartana with Paul Poralla's Prosopographie der Lakedaimonier bis auf die Zeit Alexanders des Grossen (Breslau, 1913). Unfortunately this fine work did not include the Spartans who lived after 323 B.C. Sixty-four years more had to pass until the missing "Later Spartans" were added to Poralla's work by Alfred S. Bradford's A Prosopography of Lacaedemonians from the death of Alexander the Great, 323 B. C., to the Sack of Sparta by Alaric, A.D. 396. (Munich, 1977).

In 1977, when the Prosopographia Spartana was finally completed with Bradford's work, Poralla's volume was not only unavailable and out of print, but also sixty four years outdated. The new names of pre-323 B.C. Spartans that came to light from papyri and inscriptions discovered in the period from 1913 to 1977 had to be added. This reprint includes supplementary notes and an addenda.

ISBN 0-89005-521-1. vi + 200pp Pb. $15.00

Slaves in Ancient Greece: A Prosopography from the Manumission Inscriptions.

Linda Collins Reilly

The first complete attempt to form a Prosopography of Greek slaves known from manumission inscriptions This new work is published by ARES as a part of the program for the encouragement of studies in Greek Epigraphy and Prosopography. This new prosopography is valuable because it establishes how common were some of the slave-names. The work also gives a realistic picture about slaves and slavery in the Greek World.

ISBN 0-89005-223-9. 200pp reissue 2017 PNS

The Hoplite General in Ancient Athens and The Generals of the Hellenistic Age.

Th. Sarikakis.

A prosopography alphabetically listing all the Athenians who held the important post of hoplite general, accompanied by a monograph examining all known references to Athenian generals in the Hellenistic period. Both works, never before available to scholars and libraries, are very helpful for scholars working on Athenian history and epigraphy of the Hellenistic and Greco-Roman period. (Reprint 1951, 1953 [translated from the Greek]).

ISBN 0-89005-102-X. 162pp. $20.00

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